ALL pictures included! Printing rights available for purchase!

Why print with us?  We guarantee the coloring & quality!!  When you print other places, lots of printers are not calibrated to match how vibrant our colors are, and sometimes don’t display the clarity or sharpness that our images have. Let me educate you on 3 different things that will help you understand a photographers point of view on printing pictures. There’s no reason you HAVE to print with us, but here’s why you should:

1. When printing at Wal-Mart or Sam’s Club, you will get a great deal on the prices!  But anyone who is in red, has red blush on, acne etc… the reds will be what we call ‘blown out’.  Even though the original picture doesn’t look like that when we give it to you, that’s how it’s ‘interpreted’ when it’s being printed in their particular system.  Every company has a different type of printing system. Some companies blast oranges, some blast yellows etc.  It just doesn’t *look* good when you have pictures of a sweet baby and the face is really red, when it doesn’t look like that in the picture…. ya know?!

2.  When printing other places, colors or quality can be dulled.  What this means, is on a scale of 1-10, if you have a gorgeous sunset that is a 10, some printers will automatically ‘dull’ the color to be safe.  So instead of getting the dramatic 10, you’ll get a 7 or 8, which doesn’t do the picture justice.  Same thing can happen on the clarity or sharpness of the picture.  It can easily be compromised with the type of paper or type of printers used.  Usually printers who dull colors also print the picture a shade or two darker than the picture you see on your computer

3.  Auto Correct!  This is on almost all websites or companies where you can print.  What this does, is darkens the blacks, lightens the whites, adjusts color…  Where we have already done this in the editing process, it ‘over exaggerates’ what needs to be done to the picture.  So when you get the picture back, it just doesn’t look like it was supposed to unless auto correct was turned off (and then the pictures colors could still be blown out, or dulled depending on where you printed)

Now that you’ve been educated a little more on the printing process, I want to give you some prices from us!!  You do NOT need to pay a million dollars for printing to get quality work.  Our printer is calibrated to match our cameras and computers, so the pictures that you get are going to look *just* like we want them to, and the images will be really sharp!!

If you are unsure what pictures or sizes to order, you may set up a FREE consultation to go over your gallery if you have done a shoot with us!  Our team will help you place your order in person.  Please email cheapshotsllc@gmail.com or you may also call/text 801-691-6746 to set up your consultation.