What should I wear?
Isn’t that the hardest part? Wear something you love, and make everyone else match! I like to use the 3 color guideline. It looks best when you don’t have more than 3 colors. I use two main colors, and then a 3rd to pop. Let me give you an example. Gray and yellow, and then lilac to pop. Make sense? The more plain vs busy your clothes are, the better you will like your pictures. Crazy designs and patterns on clothes aren’t always flattering. Subtle designs are great!

What is included in my shoot?
When you come, we will take as many pictures and poses as we possibly can. Usually this means anywhere from 75-250 pictures in an hours time, all depending on if we are indoor or outdoor, and how big & cooperative the group is. If we are shooting in the studio, you are able to pick your own backdrops and props! Our photographers have that “artistic” eye and can also tell you what is going to look best with your pictures if you are unsure! For outdoor pictures, we have GREAT locations with amazing backdrops! We know how to utilize the scenery and the lighting in order to give you the best pictures. In a typical family shoot (4-10 people), we can do multiple poses of the family, group pictures of the kids, individual pictures of the kids, pictures of the parents, any couples etc and some fun poses too! An hour is plenty of time to have great family pictures taken with lots and lots of possibilities. Once your shoot is done, we will edit the pictures and give all of the original pictures as well as the edited pictures to you as a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD (USB drives are available for purchase). PLEASE NOTE: The original pictures are not going to be perfect! We give these to you so you have the memories. The edited pictures should be the ones you are most likely going to use. If there are more images you would like edited we can do that as well (which means more options for that gallery wall you have been planning!)

What if I have a problem area? it’s my:(fill in blank)
Mine is my stomach! I think we all have something about us that make us have lower self esteem. I’ll tell you what we tell all of our clients: We have a solution for that! BUT! Just because we have a solution doesn’t mean we can use it if we don’t pose you correctly. If you tell your photographer that you don’t like your arms, or your double chin, or your stomach or thighs before or during a shoot, then they are going to pose you to minimize how those areas look in your pictures. We want the picture to flatter you, not make those areas look worse. Here are our recommendations for clothing or advice on what to do with those problem areas before your photo shoot. STOMACH: wear black, or wear a shirt that is ruffled or pleated in the front. The perfect combination is a ruffled shirt with a cardigan over the top. The cardigan will help control your edges, ie, placement of the cardigan can make you look skinnier! THIGHS: This will be a lot to do with posing, and standing people slightly in front of you, but a longer cardigan can definitely help hide the outer thighs as well. DOUBLE CHIN: You two options here. You can do what we call the “chicken neck” and stretch your neck up high and stick your face out slightly, or we can take the picture from a high angle. Either will help minimize or eliminate the double chin (all depending on the person!) ARMS: Again, a cardigan is great, or a 1/2 sleeve or 3/4 sleev shirt with a vest or a cute shirt over it are always flattering. Try to stay away from white though. Pick black or gray because they are more slimming.

More questions coming soon! If you have one, email cheapshotsllc@gmail.com or fill out our contact form HERE and we will get back to you as soon as we can!